Saturday, May 5, 2012

These are the moments:

As promised, here are the photos that didn't make it into my last blog...

My morning view
Mary Denise - Our latest 3cords addition :)
Fania jumping on her new bed

This simple exercise of retrieving photos and attaching them into my blog prompted me to take a little stroll down memory lane and recount some of the wonderful memories I've made since September. It's stunning and humbling for me to think that I had the privilege of living out the very images on my screen.
The beauty. The laughter. The heart swells.

These are the moments I thank God I am alive:

Barefeet on the balcony.

Sheet lightning flickering over the clouds after dark.

Noah's eagerness for me to listen to a song he wrote himself.

Counting cords with Mary Maude.

Pierre's wide eyes and zealous laughter when I peek over his crib.

Late night fashion shows and hopes of baby piglets with my neighbours.

Experimenting with avocado recipes.

Early morning Isaiah verses.

The faces around the table.

Sounlove singing hymns while she sews.

Mountain kids dashing down the path to give me a hug.

The squeak of the classroom door.

Squeezing far too many people in the back of a pick up.

Playing 'Wipe Out 2' with Caleb.

Sipping Haitian fruit juice as I mark science tests.

A perfect sunset every evening.

I could not ask for more.


Dena McKeel said...

Such a BEAUTIFUL blog, and family!!!! God Bless!!

Dena McKeel said...

Love your heart!! GOD Bless!!