Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy trails.

Praise Him under open skies, everything breathing praising God

In the company of all who love the King
Let us dance, let us sing
It could be heavenly
Turn the music loud and sing

Lift your voice to heaven
Lift up your head and sing
To the One who gave his love
This is our offering
Lift your voice to heaven
Lift up your head and sing
To the One who gave His son
Here our lives we bring

From wherever you are
Wherever you've been
He's been there
So let his people sing

And it's so wonderful to be here now
Wherever you are wherever you've been
He's been there

These lyrics from David Crowder Band have been humming through my brain over the past few days. On the backseat of a motorcycle, in the passenger seat of a pickup, and in the driver's seat of my mom's Mini... Cruising happy trails and back roads past lush vineyards, rows of cornfields, towering spruce trees, tiger lilies, mailboxes, sprinklers, fruit stands, freshwater lakes and old farmhouses. How blessed I feel to be home in the heart of a Canadian summer!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Morning song.

This morning I was awakened at 5am by birds outside my open window.
My instinct was to roll over and rest some more, so I did. Except I couldn't fall asleep. The harder I tried to drift back to dreaming, the more birds added to the chorus, and the louder they became. My newly-woken mind began to critique why birds have to start their song so early... For goodness sake, it was still dark out! But the sound continued and increasingly more birds added their unique harmonies.
So I gave in. I would like use romanticized language here and say that the birds beckoned me outdoors to the dawn, but I'm afraid due to the hour, it was more in the form of reluctance to be dragged out of bed.
As I reached the doors of our back porch, I saw the deep violet tone of the sky with a hint of colour at the horizon. No turning back now. So I wrapped myself in a blanket and watched the sun creep it's way into the day. The backyard was so still. So entranced by the dawn. Everything was frozen in time except for the continual change of colours and ever growing light of the sky. And the birds were still singing.

As I sat bundled in the patio chair, I think I learned something this morning. The birds do this same routine every single day (I just usually prefer to sleep through it). They do it in Canada, and they do it in Haiti, and they do it all over the world. The greet the morning with singing. And they don't just wait for the light. They sing in the dark. They make music even before they see the sun.
It's something that I think I need to realize in my life. Often, I only sing or praise the Lord when the sun is shining on me. In the darkness I easily lose my gumption to see signs of the morning, and I would rather sleep and be waken when it's over.

And yet if I would only take a lesson from the birds, to wait faithfully for the Lord. If I would praise Him simply for who He is and not because of my external circumstances. The Bible promises if I do press onto to know Him, He will appear, just as the sun rises (Hosea 6:3). I hope you can be encouraged by the birds today, just as I was. In the darkest disappointments of my life, I want to worship and believe that hope will rise. And I want to sing about it.

Friday, July 1, 2011

My home and native land.

I've been a little MIA on the blog front recently.
I made it home 10 days ago and dove headfirst into a flurry of activity, marrying off my dear friend Vicki, and reuniting with the people I love most.
Today is Canada day and how good it is to be in this beautiful land. I woke up and met my dad on the back porch where we looked out to the open space of the backyard and beyond. The crisp mornings, the mature trees that canopy long country roads, and the shadows cast by the sun going down way past Haiti's 6pm norm is all too wonderful for words.
I'm so thankful today for Canada, and for the other people and places around the world that have captured my heart.
I look forward to sharing these next two months with you, true north strong and free!