Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fields of green.

*Disclaimer: I had full intentions of posting a multitude of pictures to accompany these paragraphs, but lately we've been experiencing some very weak internet connections. Stay tuned for photos coming as soon as our signal gets a little stronger. Thanks for your patience, now onto the blog....

Every morning when I sit up in bed, my eyes gaze through the open window and beyond into my vast and wild backyard.
The view consists of thick rolling hills that spill over and over under a sky so perfectly blue, that it could only be created by a God who is perfectly good. In recent weeks, the hue of the land has gradually merged from the dry sandy brown desert of dry season, into the lush island green as the rain returns to our evenings. The mountains daily become ever radiant with life.

And with each ever-greener day, the life around this mission continues to grow and merge and thrive. Here's a few updates in my 'Haitian fields'...

As we embark on the final 2 months of school, I have told my boys that our theme is a sprint finish. Our days remain full to the brim as we turn page after page of curriculum, and I am so proud of their work. In addition to the fundamentals, we've been learning a lot of Creole vocabulary in our 'freebie Friday' mornings. It's been so fun to bring the dynamic of a new language into the classroom, especially when we can apply it as soon as we step outside. I'm excited for all the adventures and discoveries that our final 8 weeks of school will hold!

After school, I have absolutely loved traveling down to 3cords and building stronger relationships with our 9 beautiful ladies, as well as our newest addition, Mary Denise. She just started last week, and is already recognized for her strong sewing skills. We sat together on Thursday afternoon braiding headbands, and she told me about her 3 daughters who live with her in Port-au-Prince. After losing one of her legs in a car crash a year before the earthquake, she never imagined to be in a workplace such as 3cords. Later on in the day, she accompanied one of the other ladies to the washroom, and upon her return she giggled her way across the workspaces of the other women retelling a funny experience she had just witnessed outside. It was such a blessing for me to watch her joy spill over onto the other women, and the way that they are already bonding so well. Continue to pray for 3cords and the beautiful ladies and their families.

This past weekend, I stopped by the mountain family homes delighted to see their new beds neatly made up and  arranged in their homes. During my time home at Christmas, I was given several gifts of money to put towards the mountain families (similar to the uniform donation). Once the homes were built, it became apparent that they had no furniture for their homes, and beds were the most pressing need. As the rains come more consistently in these days, it brings such peace to my heart knowing that the families are safe and dry in their homes - now with comfortable beds to sleep on (and jump on) :) For those of you who gave (you know who you are)... Thank you!

Last but not least, my buddy Pierre continues to amaze and bring such joy to those who get the privilege of interacting with him. Last night I took him for a walk down the hill and I began singing 'Jesus loves me' to the rhythm of my steps down the path. All the while, his head rested on my shoulder as he listened along. Much to my surprise and thrill, I had just barely finished the little jingle, and in his signature baby talk he sang 'yes, Jesus loves meeeee!'. I always reward him with kisses - as you can probably imagine, he got a bunch after that!

Two months remain before a Canadian summer... Making the most of every opportunity in these beautiful fields of green.

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