Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Creature feature...

April showers bring May flowers... Or in a boy's world, creepy crawlers.
Almost everyday this week, I've met another creature that Noah and Caleb have adopted into their care. Along with the goats, horses, and chickens (which are producing farm fresh eggs daily - score!), there's been some interesting additions.

Yesterday at recess the gardener handed Noah 2 baby birds, which have now made their home in a previous tarantula cage (thank goodness those haven't come out of the cement cracks - yet). The other 'holding tank' consists of snakes, lizards and other various insects. Sophie stands guard of the birds, but they have more of a Sylvester and Tweety kind of relationship.

Tonight after dinner, I heard some boyish commotion coming from the Mazur's porch. When Caleb, Noah and Beau saw my curiosity, it didn't take long for them to envelope their 'audience' of one. I stood aback, wondering what kind of show I was about to witness, especially considering that they had a medium-sized garter snake in their hands. The boys, all smiles and bright eyes, began to encourage Caleb who then proceeded to drop the snake down his shirt. 
The disgusted reaction on my face is exactly what they were hoping for, but nothing prepared me for what came next... Beau took the snake into his fingers, while Noah urged Caleb for his next move. And in a split second, I saw that same snake drop down into Caleb's shorts.

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