Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Little froggie goodness.

Pierre is a miracle baby through and through. Not a moment goes by when I am with him that I cease to be amazed at his joyful and beautiful life.
His baby talk, his vivacious giggle, his wide eyes, his little limbs swinging to and fro. It's a blessing to watch him grow and advance forward in his quality of life during visits that are never frequent enough for my liking.

This afternoon on the way up the hill, I poked my head into the nursery and there he was, arms lifted high in his crib, bursting with eagerness to enter into the life happening around him. Not long after I brought him into my arms, Bernadine, one of the Hope House girls who was socializing with some of the toddlers came over to us. She quickly engaged with Pierre, and then asked to take him so that she could show me something.

Within seconds, she took his little body and propped him up on a nearby mattress. I watched curiously as his legs were folded under him and his two little hands were set strategically in front. After some stabilizing, Bernadine released her grip and there he perched like a little frog on a lily pad.

By this time a small audience had gathered and with the sight of Pierre sitting independently we let out a giant cheer. The cameras started flashing, and Pierre broke out his famous grin.

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