Friday, May 18, 2012

Jean Marc jams.

Jean Marc, as you may remember from previous posts, has come a long way in his guitar skills. From the handful of chords I limped him through 4 years ago, and now with the guidance from the church worship team, he has become an avid and skilled musician.
His involvement in different ministries around campus keeps him stepping, but he came up to visit me this week to jam. Each time he picks up my guitar, I am more and more impressed with his skills, and this visit was no different. He keenly switched keys without missing a beat and naturally meshed harmonies and rhythms. When he finished the song set, he started playing a catchy little jam which when I inquired about, told me that he had made up himself. He probably would have kept playing all day on that velvet chair if he hadn't been late for class.
And before he left, he made sure to teach me a few chords that he challenged me to master before his next visit. My, how the tables have turned... I think got a little taste of how parents feel when their children grow up!

Later on in the day, my mind reflected back on my time with Jean Marc, and the Lord whispered the word 'stewardship' into my heart. Truly the Lord has blessed his son, Jean Marc's stewardship of his musical gift. What an amazing transformation to witness.
And isn't it the same with each one of us? The way the Lord causes the gifts He gives us to thrive when we use them for Him? May this breath in our lungs and passion in our hearts be channelled continually toward His kingdom... Growing, stewarding and glorifying the Giver of good gifts.

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