Tuesday, May 29, 2012

God of Wonders.

This past weekend I got to travel to the Dominican Republic for a Pure Joy International retreat. What an amazing blessing it was to join in with so many other missionary women across the Caribbean to worship and encourage one another.

Ladies across North America, most who I will never meet on this earth, made it possible by 'paying it forward', and allowed us to stay, play and be spoken into at the most beautiful of resorts. Each hour that went by left me and the rest of the girls from Mission of Hope stunned by the way we were lavished upon.
From the moment we stepped out of our shuttle onto the front entrance of the lobby, we were greeted by name by the leadership team. They had been praying for us individually for weeks in advance, and continued to demonstrate their genuine love for us through their teaching times, prayerful encouragement notes, and lots and lots of chocolate. :)

During one of the morning sessions, we sang 'God of Wonders' together, and in the chorus of the other ladies I flash backed to the early morning drive on the bus to high school. Back in the days of the walkman, I had made myself a mix tape that I would play faithfully every day on that long ride to E.L. Crossely. The songs circulated from contemporary worship to hit songs on the radio. As my sleepy eyes gazed out the bus window onto the creek, I can still remember Mac Powell singing 'God of Wonders' through my headphones. The perfect soundtrack to the fish jumping out of the water and into the morning mist.
That same captivated feeling has followed me so evidently since then, and I cannot cease to adequately express the wonders and beauties that continually surface. As I stood in that conference room surrounded by sisters in Christ and watched the palm trees outside dance along with our voices, I couldn't help but be reminded and humbled once again by the amazing things that God has done in my life, right up to that very moment.

Truly, He is a God of wonders.

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