Sunday, October 30, 2011

The joy of boys.

Not long ago, I wrote a blog about the challenges of teaching some advanced material to Zach, Noah and Caleb. The work isn't getting easier as we move ahead, but upon further consideration, I've realized that there are a lot of perks in spending extended amounts of time with 3 boys. The following is a running list of some of the joys I've experienced over the past 2 months with this terrific trio.

- I never have to fret when I encounter an uninvited critter in my apartment or the classroom. It may require a delayed start to the school day, but the boys have never let me (or the neighbours) down once with their efficient removal/disposal services.

- Cute baby goats!

- My aim is getting better. The last BB war we had, I shot Zach from a fair distance! They still have to give me extra lives so that I can play longer (I have the battle scars to prove it), but you've got to start somewhere, right? Reload.

- Going along with the battle theme, the boys have been teaching me the basics of Halo. So far I can successfully shoot backwards while running, jump onto higher platforms and use a jet pack. Now that's certainly a step up from MarioKart!

- Whether it be calling one of the digestive parts the 'ball gladder', taking apart calculators at recess, eating handfuls of soda crackers, and turning just about anything into a competition, they always keep me fully amused.

- Tomorrow's another day... Guaranteed another adventure.

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