Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Highlight of my day.

No, it wasn't being greeted by this once-alive creature (placed ever so carefully in position on my doormat by Zach and Noah).

... Now that I think about it, it's probably about time I start assigning homework. Something better to do with their time than think up pranks for their helpless teacher! ;)

Actually, the highlight of my day was seeing Marie Rose and Senson walking up to the clinic with their class this afternoon. Here's why.
This week, there is a medical team that is giving out free typhoid vaccines to the School of Hope students, Haitian and North American mission staff and everyone and anyone in between. I took a pit stop at the clinic on my way down to 3cords today to get a booster for myself as well. But as Brianna and I ascended the hill on her four-wheeler after saying goodbye to the ladies a few hours later, we passed a class of about 40 children - all dressed in their uniforms, with a teacher at the front of the line leading them along the roadside up to the clinic. First, I spotted Iverson and Stevenson (both Hope House kids) at the back of the line and Brianna and I called out greetings to them as we drove by. While we were passing, I heard my name and glanced back again thinking that it was one of the boys... Who did my eyes fall upon but SENSON, gazing up at me with bright eyes and a wide smile. There he was, amidst the other kids going for his vaccine. Such a simple exercise, but so significant in my mind. And then just as my gaze left Senson I saw Marie Rose up in the line just a few steps ahead of him, showing off her famous grin. I lifted both hands and almost fell off the ATV - ridiculous? yes. Embarrassed? not really.
Even now, I can hardly express the fullness of my heart that these sweet children are a part of real classroom. And not only do they get to learn, but they get access to the programs and benefits of the other ministries happening around the mission.

Tonight, my arm is a little bit tender - evidence of the prick of a needle earlier today. But what's neat to me is that 'my kids' are also probably feeling similar symptoms - all of which will be cleared up by morning, but immunization from disease that will last for years to come. We are in this together... How cool is that?

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