Saturday, November 1, 2008

Weekend Whirl

Good news everybody! We are now all on the same time!!! Since I have been in Haiti, the time between me and you people in Canada has been an hour different, but now that you have fallen back we are all on the same time. I don't know about you, but somehow to me, you all seem a bit closer. ;)
I want to begin by thanking all of you for your prayers for my ceiling... The leaking has stopped completely, so I have been able to rearrange my apartment back to normal... I'm actually sitting on my couch directly under where the leak was to write this blog and I am nice and dry! :)
The rest of my week was quite eventful leading up to halloween on Friday. I had the kids for two extended afternoons this week as a part of our new schedule, and then yesterday we had a fun day of dressing up for halloween.
I told the kids to create some crazy costumes with the clothes that they brought to Haiti, and it was amazing what wild creatures we were able to become. During the school morning, we also did a science experiment to create green slime, and in the evening the kids came around trick or treating to each of the staff apartments.
After trick or treating, we all headed down to the Hope House for movie night - One of my favorite parts of the week. I blogged earlier this month about my experience watching the movies with the kids, and once again, I was captured by the joy in that place. Sitting under a sky full of stars, watching 'A Bee Movie' projected onto the side of a cement wall surrounded by smiling children is definitely one of my favorite places in the whole world.
Despite the disappointments and struggles that I faced earlier in the week, I was once again reminded last night how much the Lord is blessing me here in Haiti, and what a joy it is to serve Him.
Tomorrow is church and I am really looking forward to the worship by Pastor Claudel - The music director. He leads such a wonderful team of musicians and singers, full of passion and praise. It is such a ministry to me to see them worship, and to hear familiar songs being sung in the Creole language. Over the past few weeks I have opted to sing the songs in English, but last week I purchased a songbook with all of the songs printed out in Creole, so I am slowly going to try to learn the songs in this new language!
I am also looking forward to observing the children's church program tomorrow during the service. After worship time, the children are dismissed to the school for games and songs while the pastor speaks. Last Sunday, Cheryl followed along with the kids and told me afterwards that I should go along next Sunday. She said that I would be a great benefit to the children's program if I would could get involved, since currently all of the children stay together in one small room and it is pretty chaotic. If it works out and depending how full my plate is, I may be able to give leadership in one area of the children's ministry - using the experience I've had in children's programs at our church, and help the coordinators develop more of an organized program. I know what some of you may be thinking - Does this mean I have to miss the message every Sunday? Well, actually, it wouldn't really bother me to miss out on the message since the language barrier prevents me from understanding the pastor... I'm sure I would learn a lot from the teaching if I could understand the language, but since I can't, it's been pretty boring to listening to 45-minute Creole sermons. It would be great for me to plug into an alternative program with the kids at that time instead of sitting in a pew feeling like I am going to fall asleep at any moment! ;)
I appreciate your prayers as I discern how I can best involve myself in the mission programs and ideas I can bring to the people involved. I will definitely keep you posted on my involvement in the programs in the weeks to come.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend and stay tuned for more news from Haiti in a few days!


Laura said...

Diana I love your blog! You are so open and honest about what's on your heart, and I'm so glad I can stay on top of how you're doing that way. I'm very glad to hear that your ceiling is good to go again, and it's nice to hear that you're trying to get involved in the kids' program, you're so good at that! I'm sure they'll benefit from your help!

Renee Kievit said...

Diana, you'd be a great help to any program. Be careful that you don't take on too much. I have learned this lesson painfully this year. I will pray that you will discern where the wants you serving. Love hearing from you. It's a bit crazy to say that I saw your brother in Nicaragua over skype video last night. I was talking to Ron and Broc popped into the screen. Keep serving the Lord with your whole heart but guard your time as well.