Saturday, November 15, 2008

Holy Ground

It's hard to believe that yet another week as passed by already! Let me tell you about it...
Early this week, Brad Johnson (who is the president of the mission), arrived with other staff members from the States. They all came to prepare for yesterday's big meeting in Port-au-Prince for the launch of HaitiOne. HaitiOne came from a dream that Brad had one night, where he first saw the country of Haiti (like the picture on a map), with many different colored lines going to different points all over the country. Then, in his dream he saw the lines disappear and one gold band wrap around the country unifying all it's parts. From this dream, Brad felt God calling him to start a new campaign to bring together all of the separate missions organizations of Haiti in order to change the country for God. Right now, Haiti has many private operating missions, but the goal of HaitiOne is to bring all of those Christian missions together and work together as a body - sharing resources, services and love to advance the Kingdom of God. This past Friday, Brad along with the other missions staff, met with the leaders of organizations all over the country, and have began to launch this new idea. Keep in mind that my explanation is just the tip of the iceberg, so if you are interested in getting more information, check out
So as we've been gearing up for this event, I've spent the past few nights assisting the team by putting packages together for the leaders and organizing the materials to go out. Then on Thursday night, we all gathered for prayer, and it was a very inspiring time for me. As I listened to Brad talk about how this journey first began, and the passion he has in his heart for the people of Haiti, I was very moved. He is truly living for something much greater than himself or his family and it is so evident. It just made me feel so thankful to work alongside these people so dedicated to what the Lord is doing in Haiti and in some small way, be a part of it. At one point during prayer, Brad said that somewhere tonight in Haiti, a little child sits alone in the dark, but God we know that he is your child. Those words caught in my heart because it's true. Despite the desperation I see all around me, these people belong to God. Every boy or girl without a parent, every teenager without a job, every newborn baby with aids. They are God's children, and they are the hope of this nation. It's our time to be a part of raising up this generation for Jesus.
Finally, I was encouraged by the continuing words of prayer as another staff member spoke about how the Lord ordained this ministry from long before our time. Before we were even born, God had this idea and God chose His people to carry out the task. It made me realize, how many times do I think about God pre-planning these experiences I get to be a part of everyday?... It's easy for me to take these moments for granted, or not really seize every opportunity that comes across my path on a daily basis. However, this sacred time of prayer sparked my passion and awe for the plans the Lord has for my life, and how before I was even born, he had this calling on my life. It blows my mind to think about the significance of this journey I am on and how the Lord ordained it long ago.
It is my prayer that you may be reminded of that tonight as well. Wherever you are, whatever your facing, whatever road you are on, God planned it. He created you with a purpose and the best of intentions for your life in order to serve and glorify Him. God is moving, He is up to something so much bigger than us, and He is only asking us to be a part of it. It's amazing when we realize we are on holy ground. 


Twila said...

Holy Ground
Dear Diana I have just read your last blog and it is wonderful. Dear Diana please know that Oma and I are fully with you and behind you in your service in Haiti, with love and many blessings, Your Opa

Twila said...

Diana- this is an amazing blog- thank you for your dedication to God's work in Haiti! We love you and pray for you! Mom and Dad

Renee Kievit said...

Diana, love your blog tonight. That meeting must have been amazing, gathering mission leaders together. I can sense your passion for the Lord's work specifically in Haiti and I'm excited that we can partner with you in this journey. Praying for your work!

Randy said...

Diana, Thanks for following our blog it was an amazing 2 weeks. Just getting caught up with yours. Sounds like great things are happening there also. In regards to the frequency of your posts, I think it's a good strategy to post less frequently because it builds anticipation. I'm only the blog-master for two weeks. You can retain that title for the remainder of the year!
Uncle Rand