Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Afternoon rain.

Since the start of school, the boys and I have been focussing our morning devotions on the different parts of the tree and how they symbolize aspects of our spiritual life.

We start out like the small seed. Seemingly insignificant in the world's eyes, but known and planted by God, chosen to become all He designed for us to be. The trunk, how it grows and stretches to higher heights as the years pass by, and how we too are to build up our faith and strengthen our hearts as we grow up in Him. The way the roots sink down deep into the soil and draw up nourishment, and how our lives need to be anchored deep into God's promises of love, and hold fast even through the storms of life. And the branches that reach towards heaven and produce a bountiful harvest, may we stay connected to the True Source that will produce in us the fruits of the Spirit.

Just a bit ago, with school done for the day and a few hours before dinner, I was sitting and reading in my room. And then I began to hear it... The rumbling thunder. Thick waves of pressure rolling overhead, which beckoned me out to the balcony where I now sit. The rain is singing it's song on the tin roof for my background music, and the garden leaves are dancing along.
There are few things as refreshing as the smell of fresh rain air, or the softness of cool mist that kisses my skin. After several days of hot sun in a cement block house that bakes from the outside in, this is what I (along with many others) have been waiting for.

And so it is once again that the Lord speaks to my heart, reminding me that I am like the tree. Planted, cultivated and showered on. It is His perfect provision and timing that captures me, as He gently lavishes down His love in the way of an afternoon rain.

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