Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A week in review.

Today marks day 5.
5 days of boxed crayons, pencil marks on the wall, calendar jingles, chalkboard letters, oscillating fans, trampoline recesses, star stickers, condensation on plastic cups, popcorn kernels, Tropitex paint, blown up balloons, thesaurus.com, and Luke 2:52.
It's been a blur to say the least, but so far, so good!

Several times over the past few weekdays, I've found myself sitting back on my kitchen chair and staring off into space. After 4 morning hours of interchanging English and Creole, tracking with Noah and Caleb's online courses, and keeping the eyes on the back of my head fully engaged (every teacher's superpower), the luxury of silence and stillness combined is enough to lull me away from my avocado sandwich.
And it's in these quiet moments that I've prayed desperately for more wisdom, more creativity, more joy, more clarity, and a double helping of patience.

Thank you all for praying along with me and for me in these virtues. That despite the sense that it's all just a little too overwhelming, I could take each day moment by moment, and child by child.
Because when I look back on this year, I want to remember the way that these 5 awesome boys and I laughed together, the way that we celebrated the milestones, and the way that we grew not just in our knowledge of the world and each other, but in the Lord.
Yes, may the bright eyes of Noah, Caleb, Joshua, Olivier and Joseph light a fire in my heart to keep me rooted and growing the whole year through.

The flower that was blooming outside the classroom door on our first day back

Class of 2012-2013 from left to right: Joshua, Caleb, Joseph, Noah and Olivier

Our classroom tree

Olivier and Joseph raising their hands - Yes!

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