Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Finger-lickin' good.

As we embark into October, I am so very grateful for my job here at MOH, and the way I get to spend my days with 5 of the best boys on the planet. I'm also really enjoying getting to know my newest additions to the classroom better day by day, and learning about their unique personalities. Joshua loves a good challenge - he tackles 3-digit math problems like a champ, Olivier is a great encourager - always giving his brother high-fives, and Joseph loves to be on the move - and he's got great rhythm!

Today I learned a little bit more about Olivier's funny bone and it's a story worth sharing, so I hope it brings you a smile!

In connection with our tree study in devotions, we began studying the seed this week, and how we are to be planted and grown up in Jesus. This morning, I sliced open a sitwon (small Haitian lime) and grenadia (passion fruit) to demonstrate how all fruits and vegetables have seeds that allow the plant to multiply over and over again. I circled the classroom, allowing the boys to get a close look and smell of the sitwon, and then submerged my finger into the goopy center of the grenadia to draw out a seed on my finger. Again, I made my way around to each workspace so that the boys could get a better look of the seed, first to Joseph, then Caleb and Noah, onto Joshua and finally to Olivier... who leaned in close, opened his mouth over my finger, and gulp - no more seed.

Stunned by the quick snatch of the seed, I thought 'you little stinker!' and looked down at Olivier who bashfully gazed back up at me. I think he may have been second guessing his decision, but soon the giggles couldn't be suppressed any longer. I think it's safe to say we have a class clown. :)
As we laughed, I made another round with the grenadia, spooning seeds into palms until only the rind was left. Delish!

Another morning, another lesson, another finger-lickin' good moment in our little blue schoolhouse.

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