Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ooey Gooey.

In keeping with tradition, this morning at school we mixed borax with glue and created the famous, ooey, gooey, green slime. As the elements began to react in the big white bowl, the boys could hardly wait to get messy... Needless to say 'indoor voices' did not apply to this activity.

With 2 months of school already under our belts, I feel amazed at where the Lord has already brought us, and blessed to get to do life with these 5 fantastic boys.
Last week we lost our internet signal due to the hurricane, so Noah and Caleb were unable to complete their computer coursework. I decided to throw together a quick 'buddy-reading' session where I paired off the boys to take turns reading with one another. Joseph and I read about dinosaurs for a while, and then I did a quick glance around the other side of the room where Caleb and Olivier were reading. Much to my surprise, I found Caleb at the chalkboard drawing a diagram with squares and numbers, and when I asked him what was happening, he explained that Olivier didn't know what hopscotch was in their book, so he was teaching him about it.
All of you teachers out there will understand the significance of this... BEST!
Amidst the dance offs, trampoline flips, growing bean sprouts and even the slimy messes of today, we are stretching our brains, and practicing perseverance, trust and joy - both in our faith and with one another. Looking forward to what November has in store!

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