Friday, January 16, 2009

A week in review...

This week has been quite eventful. Let me tell you about some of my adventures...

On Sunday afternoon I travelled with the Canadians (they have become my long lost family members - and also including some people from home: Dorothy DeKlerk and Catherine Stallwood) to Tytoo Gardens to visit the orphans and pass out gifts from Sauble Beach Church. There I got to meet Ed (the owner of the orphanage) for the first time and hear his testimony. It was so touching in the way that he openly shared with the team members about his journey, originally buying the oceanfront land to build a night club. However, his heart was changed by the little children that came around every afternoon looking for food, and eventually he opened his doors to the children that needed him so much. I was deeply moved as Ed's eyes filled with tears as he spoke of the love he has for the children and for the way that the Lord is using him to help so many desperate orphans. He is surely an example to us all.

During the outing I had a bit of a downfall.... Literally. As I mingled with the many children, I found myself at one point on a small cement ledge about 5 feet up on the side of the orphanage. Sitting up there we could see for quite a distance and we sang and took pictures together. At one point I stood up to get more of a group shot, but clumsily I forgot how small the ledge was and fell off! Right away people came running and all those around was very worried that I had broken something. But miraculously I stood up and didn't have so much as a scratch on my body. Many of the nurses said that with the distance I had fallen I could have seriously injured myself, but praise the Lord I was fine. Since then some small bruises on my leg have formed, which must have been from the impact, but I am pretty thankful for the Lord's protection. Unfortunately, my camera wasn't so lucky. It came down with me and suffered the worst of the damage. It is broken, which means that I am not able to show any pictures from the trip with you, but it could have been much worse!

Our week of school has also been quite eventful.... We have caught a bit of Canadian fever with the team being here and I've tried to get the kids involved in as much with the team as possible. 
On Tuesday for art we made teeth models for the dental hygienists to take to the schools and demonstrate to children how to brush their teeth properly. 
I guess we proved that coffee filters and marshmallows can be effective outside the kitchen! :) The kids and I had a lot of fun making them too, and from what you can see from the pictures we took on Teagan's camera, we probably got a little too much fill of mini marshmallows! ;)

On Thursday we headed down to the Hospital of Hope to see the nurses in action. They have been doing a lot of mobile clinics in surrounding villages which is awesome, but we were able to check out the action on our home turf.
For more detailed tracking on Laurens and Cheryl's work with the group, make sure you check out their blog - their link is on the right side panel of my blog page.

Then on Thursday afternoon we hopped back on the school bus with the group and headed into Cabaret for a market/orphanage visit. It had been almost over a month since I had seen the Good Samaritian kids in their orphanage, so I seized the moment to go along with the team and turn our school afternoon into some hands-on learning, or as Teagan calls it, a cultural learning experience! ;)
During the time at the orphanage the children had their mealtime and I am still amazed at how the youngest ones (some not older than 3) can finish an oversized plate of rice just as quick as the older ones. As I sat on the floor with a few of the children as they ate I was also humbled by the way they offered food to me. Even though they only get 2 meals per day of rice, they are still generous to share whatever they have. 
After the children finished eating we were able to pass out toys that Catherine Stallwood and a few of the other women had organized for the trip. It's always my favorite part of the trip when we get to hand out gifts because the kids get so excited. There was also a box of supplies that my class at William E. Brown purchased and sent with me for the children in Haiti and I am looking forward to passing that out in Sunday School in a few weeks!

Now that the school week is done, I can look ahead to the weekend.... I'm going to try my best to get some more planning for next week done this afternoon as well as fit in a trip to the kids club in Titayen. One of the ladies at the church has started this little bible study with all of the children in the surrounding villages all on her own. During the time they spend together they sing songs, have a bible story time and she feeds them. I was amazed when I went the first time to see so many children (close to 100), and the way that this blessed lady cares for them both physically and spiritually. It is my hope that when we go with the team and bring food for her today it will be a great encouragement.
The weekend also brings anticipation for next week, especially since my brother Broc will be joining the second Canadian team. I can't wait to have him stay with me in my apartment. Hopefully we don't fight to much. Haha.

Finally, tomorrow is the funeral for Maggie so I appreciate you keeping everyone who knew her in your prayers. She was truly a special girl to all that knew her and it will be hard to say goodbye.
Thanks for sticking with me through the lengthy blog today. There is just so much that has been happening! I definitely feel that I am adjusting back into my life here in Haiti, and I thank you for your prayers about this. Please continue to pray that I can stay focussed on my task of teaching and that I would have creative ideas for the next few months... Your support is such a blessing!

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