Monday, January 26, 2009


The wait is over!
Canadian team #2 has arrived and already begun their work of building projects and clinic outreach all over the mission and villages in Haiti.
With this team also came Broc, my brother, and a few other familiar faces from home. 
When Broc unloaded all of his bags into my apartment last Wednesday I had such a warmth in my heart. Finally I was with family! It has been such a blast hanging out with him here in Haiti. On Saturday I travelled with him and his work crew to Cabaret where they had been building a home for one of the church ladies - Madame Monkel - who lost her home in the hurricane. It was hard work but the home is almost finished and will serve as a shelter for her seven children. You can see some pictures below of the work day...

Yesterday, Broc came to church with me and we sat with the village kids during the worship time, then we followed them out to kids church which has about 300+ kids. Quite an experience! After church we took a tap-tap to my favourite Haitian restaurant, Gwopapapou - which means Big Daddy Chicken! From there, we caught the bus full of team members and made our way to Tytoo Gardens, an orphanage in Simonette. It was an awesome day!

And on top of having just Broc here, there have been 49 other friends to keep me company too!
I can't even put into words how wonderful it has been to have some Canadian love around here. Everyone is so friendly and excited and it is contagious. It's amazing how easily I've been able to get to know people and really be a team with them even though we have never met. Most of them are complete strangers, and yet before I even ask them their name I feel like I can relate to them and understand them because we both have the same purpose in being here: To bring hope to Haiti.
That's what I think is so cool about the Christian walk. I love how we all have a common thread in what we believe, so no matter what we do or who we are, we are a body. Praying, singing and sharing during the devotional times at night is kind of like a little taste of heaven. Even though it's people from all walks of life coming together with their own story, we are all united by one overarching faith and hope. 
It's a family of God.
And it's not just Canadians, it's people all over the world. We all have a role to play in this journey and we are all called to join in. Not just here at the Mission of Hope, but all over the world. No person's part is less important than the other because we need each other. It's a privilege to be together with this extended family of brothers and sisters. Even the people in Haiti, despite the language and cultural barrier, I find myself connecting and understanding them in ways I can't even explain. All I know is that it comes from Jesus, who's whole life purpose was to bring love and unity to mankind. I see that happening here in Haiti everyday and it's such a blessing to me.
Even though I am so far from my relatives and friends, I am thankful for the way I can be spurred on and loved by this giant kingdom family.

PS~ I hope you like the new look for my blog.... I tried to coordinate it with the colors in my apartment! :)


Twila said...

Love the new look- it is awesome!! I love hearing how God is bringing hope to Haiti !!

Renee Kievit said...

lovin the new colors Diana. Very bold and vibrant. I'm so glad you're feeling renewed by having family with you. Have fun and enjoy the moments.

John and Leny said...

We love your blog and the red colour scheme even John can see, because he is colourblind.
It must be pretty awesome to have your brother there.
God bless you and enjoy the rest of the week with the team from Canada.
Love. John and Leny V.