Monday, January 19, 2009

Only in Haiti!

Over the past few months I've caught myself again and again saying 'only in Haiti!'
Last night I had another one of those moments, so I thought that I would share it with you. :)
The Friday night movie at the Hope House was postponed to Sunday night due to the funeral preparations, so last night all of us guesthouse-ers took the trek down the hill to spend the night under the stars with the most lovable kids in the world.
Laurens and Cheryl had to spend some time with the team leader coordinating the last few days of work, so I took the kids with me down on their ATV. As we drove down the hill, I could hear the engine of the quad start to choke, and eventually the whole thing stalled. We were out of gas. About halfway down the hill at that point, I wasn't really sure what to do. Walk back up for help? Abandon the ATV and keep walking down? The kids had another idea. They wanted to push it down the hill... and I gave in. With that they willingly hopped off and gave the ATV some help gaining momentum and we began our descent. At one point when we got going pretty good, I told the kids to jump back on and we laughed and enjoyed the thrill ride of coasting down the dusty slope. 
There I was on a dark January night in my shorts and tank top steering a gas-thirsty ATV down a mountain with my students... and loving every minute of it. 
Only in Haiti. :)

You are probably wondering what happened next. 
Well, the kids and I parked the ATV by the Hope House when we reached the bottom of the hill, expecting to walk up the hill at the end of the movie, and come back down to fill up the ATV in the morning. But kindly after hearing about our unique ride down, Rachel offered to give me a ride up so I could bring down gas and take the kids back up on the ATV at the end of the movie.
So I went back up with her to get gas, only for Laurens to tell me that the ATV had a reserve tank, so all I needed to do was flip the switch. The solution was easier than I thought! But of course, had I known that earlier, the kids and I would have missed out on our adventurous decline.

And who knows what adventures await?
Broc arrives on Wednesday and I am so thrilled to see him and the other familiar faces that are a part of the team.
I will warn you now that I probably won't be updating my blog quite as regularly while he is here, but stay tuned for more stories and pictures (from my new camera that he will be bringing! hooray!) coming up soon! 


Twila said...

What a great story!!!!! There are things that happen only in Wainfleet too :D

Pete Benton said...

Reading your blog makes me want to go to Haiti. Thanks a lot!
I hope you are well.
We are praying for you.