Saturday, March 30, 2013

Good, morning sunshine.

Yesterday morning, we awoke early to carry out our annual tradition of watching the Easter sun rise. And it was a good one.

the boys doing their best to keep warm in the early morning air.

noah jamming

joseph calling out 'there's the sun!'

morning masterpiece... He is risen, indeed!

This Easter weekend, I am reminded of a love like no other. A relentless love that pursues and consumes and overflows. A love so marvellous that words fall short. And just like that morning sunlight could not be suppressed by darkness, so it is with His love. It radiates and washes over and redeems my heart.
Thank you Jesus for your extravagant love.

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Cassie Allgood said...

I miss you, girl! Haiti and yourself lookin' beautiful as ever. I keep you and the gals in my thoughts and prayers... Seems like so long ago we had the infamous Jacmel trip. Much love from Oklahoma! <3