Monday, April 8, 2013

Piti a piti...

piti a piti, zwazo fe nich li.
little by little, a bird builds it's nest.

Laura shared this Haitian proverb with me on our way up from 3cords the other day. It's a quote that's been floating in my head ever since... A comforting reminder that even the smallest effort or investment can be added and accumulated up to the dream we are aiming for. But attached to it is a challenging question my heart has been asking - 'what am I building?'
We're all creating something, just like the birds that awaken me with their morning songs. So upon reflection, here are some of the things I've been building lately.

1) Relationships
I guess that's my best excuse for less post action on the blog... The Lord has brought some beautiful people to my doorstep lately. Whether in the form of a skype call, facebook message, watercolour painting with local artists, house guests(!), or late-night couch conversations with neighbours. Sitting around for turkey lunch at the Beaurivages, eating a traditional Easter meal made by my Haitian mommy, or having a taco potluck under patio lantern lights in the yard. To mentor and be mentored, disciple and be discipled... I feel blessed by the community and support system that the Lord has give me near and far, and I just want to keep pouring in.

2) Quiet times
In contrast to some of the beautiful moments I've shared alongside friends here, it has also been pressed upon me during the past few months to be more intentional about being by myself. I've been spending extra morning times to wait upon the Lord and seek His will for my upcoming decision for next year. He has been so faithful in years past, giving me peace beyond the ever-present questions that sweep my head with doubts. As I approach this time again, I am confident that He will show me which path to take. Thank you for praying along with me in this, and stay tuned for an update soon!

3) Love of learning
Each weekday morning, I sit in my swivel chair and hear the chatter of my boys making their way up the hill and into our classroom. Their morning greetings coupled with brotherly love and banter gives me a fresh wave of gratitude and awe for what I get to do every day. We've begun a new month verse on the fruits of the spirit, and with a little help from Pinterest, we have successfully created fruit trees out of paper bags (pics coming soon!) Reading silly stories and discussing the illustrations together (which has led to the most interesting of conversations let me tell you!), studying the states of matter through various hands-on experiments, and filling our inside walls with colour and design from our desktop creations has been so rewarding for us all. It has truly become our 'sweet spot'.
Time and time again, I am reminded of how blessed I am to work with such a happy, hilarious, and vivacious bunch of growers and seekers. As we look ahead to our final months of the school year, I am committed to filling our hours together with as much joy and purpose as I can muster.

With His help and blessing, piece by piece, little by little, these 'nests' are coming into fruition. Often, all I can do is stand back and be amazed at what He's already done. Keep building, my friends.

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