Friday, August 31, 2012

Climate change.

My last blog posted started with me waking up in Canada. Today looks a lot different. I just climbed back up the mission hill and my dusty feet stretch before me as I sit on the tile floor. The shiny new fan that I assembled this morning circulates heavy air and a plastic cup full of ice water sits to my right. These are my feeble attempts to cool off.
This familiar Haitian sunshine, this familiar posture I take on the floor before dinner time, this familiar creaking of the screen door, these familiar faces that I have come to love. It honestly feels as if I never left.
The past 24 hours since my arrival on the island have consisted of countless reunions with people who are so dear to my heart. There is no better way to transition then into such open arms, and the more time I spend with them, the more full my heart becomes. The emptiness I felt lifting off from Buffalo has been replaced with a new kind of joy in this place.
There is undoubtedly more going on in my brain right now than I can properly verbalize. Scenery, climate, people and routine has all changed drastically, but right now in this moment as I look up at the green hills, I can only express the hope of a still, small Voice that whispers and sings over me with love.

Thank you for all of the prayers that have been and continue to be lifted up for me during this time of transition. The Lord is near, and His faithful presence has been reflected time and time again. Let a new story begin!

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