Monday, August 20, 2012

Jesus, Saviour, pilot me.

Several years ago I stood alongside my cousins and sang a hymn for my grandmother's funeral. I was not familiar with the song at first, but it was chosen by her to be a part of the service, and I soon fell in love with it.
It's interesting how some things in life just don't let go. Time and time again over the years I have found myself almost sub-conciously humming the melody. Then just a few days ago I noticed some sheet music on my mom's piano, and there again were the familiar lines...

 Jesus, Savior, pilot me
 over life's tempestuous sea;
 unknown waves before me roll,
 hiding rock and treacherous shoal.
 Chart and compass come from thee;
 Jesus, Savior, pilot me.

 As a mother stills her child,
 thou canst hush the ocean wild;
 boisterous waves obey thy will,
 when thou sayest to them, "Be still!"
 Wondrous sovreign of the sea,
 Jesus, Savior, pilot me.

 When at last I near the shore,
 and the fearful breakers roar
 'twixt me and the peaceful rest,
 then, while leaning on thy breast,
 may I hear thee say to me,
 "Fear not, I will pilot thee."

There have been moments over the years when I don't have the words to pray, or even the emotions to properly attach to some of the situations that have hit me head on, and ever so gently this song's tune and lyrics will weave themselves into the forefront of my mind. It's a lasting remedy, because it brings me back to the promise that despite life's storms, my Saviour is continually guiding and piloting me through. And just as He always has, He always will.

As I embark into a new year, with new students and new staff, I anticipate great things to come. I look forward to reuniting with friends, and kicking off the school year with my boys. It's impossible not to get excited about what the Lord is going to do in our midst at the Mission of Hope. And yet I also can't ignore the challenges waiting at the doorstep of my heart. Feelings of insufficiency and frustrations can easily overthrow all of my high hopes for what comes. But once again my mind drifts back to the familiar lines of the old hymn, and I echo the words 'Jesus, Saviour pilot me'. Pilot me through the waves, the undertow, and whatever lies underneath. Give me courage to leave the harbour, knowing that there is so much more to discover in You.

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