Thursday, June 21, 2012


Ever since the Zumba fad started, I've been dying to try it out. Many of my Canadian friends attend regularly, and I've made an effort to join them on occasion, but it never seemed to work with my summer schedule.
Tonight though, Zumba came to me.
This week, there just so happens to be an instructor here, who made it his personal mission to offer Zumba sessions after dinner. So tonight, on the cement loading deck of the new warehouse, I got to break it down with 67 other staff, interns, hope house kids, and guests. It was by far the largest, hippest and most hilarious workout I've ever had. After the cool-down song ended, the entire crowd cried out an encore. And dance we did.
So with the sun setting over the mountains to my left, and Bailey, Katie, Elizabeth, Kelci, Kelly, Georgie, and KaraLynn, among the many others grooving to my right, my heart did more than just speed its beats per minute, it swelled with sheer joy.

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