Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A familiar foothold.

 And then God answered: 
"Write this. Write what you see.
This vision-message is a witness pointing to what's coming.
It aches for the coming—it can hardly wait!
And it doesn't lie. 
If it seems slow in coming, wait. It's on its way. 
It will come right on time.
Habakkuk 2:2-3

My eyes have taken in these verses more times than I've planned this week. Each time I ache for the promise of 'right on time' a little more earnestly. Piano melodies lull me to the mysteries of what's next. Anticipations. Expectations. Dreams. He knows them all. He knows me through and through.
And once again, I find that familiar foothold - my Refuge of Peace.
Because even in the questions, even in the silences. In the waves and clouds that heavy my heart, His faithfulness of provision remains. Yes, the promises of our God reign with victory and truth. And He will not delay.


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