Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Author.

I few weeks ago I wrote a post called 'Mornings that Last'. Later that same day, several of the staff and interns had a jam session, and a song was shared which Daniel had written for his new album. It couldn't have resonated any better with my blog or my heart.
This week the new album was released, and I've replayed the song enough to type out the lyrics by memory.

give me your waking thoughts.
I want your waking thoughts. 
slide out of slumber and know you are under My watch.
no better way will you find, embracing the day with reflections divine.
rise up with Me on your heart and your soul and you're Mine.

give me your waiting thoughts.
I want your waiting thoughts.
trust in My timing, the path I'm designing, fear not.
be still and know who I am, Shepherd with flock of which you are My lamb.
hear now My voice and acknowledge the work of My hands.

give me your fading thoughts.
I want your fading thoughts.
slip into slumber and wonder of all that I've taught
tell Me your hopes and your dreams, for I am the Author of all of these things.
lie down in peace, I will bless you with all that life brings.

The Author - Daniel Crawford
Check out more of his good music on the new EP, In the Maze.
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