Sunday, March 25, 2012


This is one of those posts that I've hesitated in publishing. It's more of a personal monologue, but something inside me is prodding me to share it.

Life so easily becomes a revolving doorway of what I can get out of it. More than ever, this 'young adult' age category I'm in causes me to constantly reflect and anticipate how I can get the most of my present and future. Who I choose to be with, who chooses to be with me, how I can constantly maximize my time and money, what credentials I can chalk up to reach the next rung of the ladder. I even bring my faith into it, how I am stretching my character, how I am actively ministering and being received by others, etc...

In my life I see all of these facets melting together and presented to God as if to say, 'Here you go. Here's what I've made of myself.'
And then waiting for a response. Waiting in expectation for acknowledgement or rewards, or for some kind of perfect story to unfold.

God does not respond to what we do; we respond to what God does. 
~ Romans 3:27 (The Message)

Once again, this Living Word on my coffee table makes me want to squirm. Makes these 'God in a box' theories get pounded and washed away by the simplest black and white truths.
Paul states it plain and simple. He explains here that God isn't the one responding to us. Instead, it's the other way around.

The fog lifts. Exposing the ideals and idols that I've so carefully constructed for myself.
Hasn't it always been about God? 

Always has, and always will. He designed for me to live in line with Him for sake of His glory. And as Paul writes, to RESPOND to Him, not expect a response.
Because He's working. Moving. Teaching. Building. Beckoning us.

To openly receive and give His gifts back to Him, not selfishly hoarding them on my own merit. Not building up a list of righteous acts so that I can use them like a credit card on the things I've been wishing for.

With this revelation in my heart, I want to live my life as a response to the character of God. His love, His justice, His power.
Oh Lord, may you continue to cause me to stumble on these truths and beckon me to continue on, ever chasing after You. Ever responding to only You.

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