Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fabric scraps.

I am so thankful for the chance to spend time at 3cords. With a class size of 2, my afternoons are usually freed up to walk down to the perfectly purple building full of beautiful friends. Denise, Natacha and Nadege are usually hovering over their sewing machines and filling the room with a steady hum. Rosenie and Gernise are at their usual spot in the sunlight, making make fabric flowers, or cutting patterns for clutches and purses. And Elphine, Walnise and Sounlove are weaving and braiding their fabric strips into cords. All the while, the ladies chatter along to their favourite background music of Celine Dion, Annie Parsons, or Shalom Radio.
Mary Maude meets me at the door to take my arm, and steers me into her office where she shows off the latest finished products, then lets me try on and gush all over them.

Today at closing time, while the ladies got washed up and primped by the mirror, I took the broom and began to sweep up all of the little scraps of fabric that had been used throughout the day. I smiled to myself as I travelled from workstation to workstation, picking up new colours and fabrics as I went. By the end, I had gathered a rainbow spectrum of bright pinks and oranges, deep blues, fluorescent greens and neutral earth tones, to name a few.
Looking at the heap of colour, it struck me that each different hue, added it's own flavour of brilliance to the mix. Even though some were more dull and others clashed, together they created a beautiful mosaic.

And so it is with each of us. We each have our own uniqueness. Our own perfections and flaws, triumphs and defeats, all ordained and bestowed upon us from the Lord. Together, just as these ladies come alongside one another each day to build up and to love, we too are called to complement each other. I feel so blessed to rub shoulders with these incredible ladies. Indeed, they form a rainbow of brilliance.

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hootenannie said...

My name next to Celine Dion? I mean... I just... I love these ladies. :)

Thanks for always giving such wonderful glimpses into your world in Haiti. I love reading along. xo