Thursday, January 5, 2012

Repeat the sounding joy.

After 2 weeks of wooly scarves, city lights, comfort foods, creamy drinks, and cherished reunions with friends and family, I have landed back on the island.
Thank you one and all for welcoming me back to the North, reminding me again of how truly loved and supported I am, and for sending me off with prayers, hugs and bright eyes. It is overwhelming.

The unpacking of memories is just about done, and I sit again on this velvet couch. The gusty Caribbean air sways in my window curtains, a mouse scratches behind the fridge, sunlight streams in the front door, and my barefeet rest on the coffee table. It's good to marinate in this place.

My mind flashes back to Christmas eve.
I stood alongside the congregation of families and we repeated the lyrics of the classic carol, 'Joy to the World'.
One line: repeat the sounding joy, lingers.

Joy. Yes, sounding joy.
I can't help but let that be my guide as I embark on 2012.

Because no matter where, who, what, when, or why questions float around my head for this next season, there is joy. A joy that came over 2000 years ago is still here. A joy unaffected by circumstance or time. It's alive and ready to be tapped into. May I be aware of it and repeat it over and over again in the days to come, wherever they lead.

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