Saturday, January 14, 2012


I write a lot of drafts on this blog. My words spill out as fast as my fingers will take them, and then I look back to see that they were more for my own heart than anything else.
But every once and a while I take a walk down memory lane, and with a few tweaks, I can give my post another chance.
Today is one of those days.

The past few months have been a season of transition.
When fellow workers, tag teamers, faces around the dinner table, and next-door neighbours say goodbye. The photos of smiles around my apartment are evidence of the changing faces around the mission. People that the Lord called here for a season, and then called again to a different place. Each one who has left me challenged and changed.
But something about it feels weird that I'm not packing too... I never thought I'd be the one to stay.

This morning we sang a song in church that lifted me to my feet and caused my voice to crack as I sang the chorus line:

Se fidèlite'w ki fe'm la toujou.

I can't justify the Creole words, but it translates to something like this:
It's your faithfulness that keeps me in this place.

What perfectly fitting words to be sung.
Because more than any strength or will of my own, or any neighbour or roommate or role, the Lord is the only reason that I am here. In this place yesterday, today and tomorrow. It's His voice that continues to beckon me into the story He is writing.

Surely God is my help; The Lord is the one who sustains me.
~ Psalm 54:4