Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jolly Jumper.

The day before I boarded the plane, Betsy had the brilliant and generous idea to send me off with her boys' jolly jumper, in hopes that Pierre could make use of it.
I took it and promised to give it a go with him, although I didn't want to get my hopes too high. Pierre has surpassed a lot of milestones in the past few months, but the whole concept of him supporting himself upright and having the strength to move around made me nervous.
Each day, he is relayed from mommy lap, to wheelchair, and then back to his crib - How I longed for him to get some more muscle and independence. Maybe just maybe, this could be the next step.

This morning I headed down the hill, jolly jumper in hand, and found the baby house buzzing with action as usual. Pierre was taking a bottle in his crib while the other toddlers, kids and teens bobbled around. I took the plastic and metal pieces out of the bag and began to explain to the older girls how the jumper worked. They looked at me with wide eyes and were eager to try it. Not long after, I was attaching the chain above the doorframe and Pierre was being lifted out of his crib to try out his new toy. He was babbling and laughing the whole time we were strapping him in... and he hasn't stopped since.

Truly, Pierre puts the JOLLY in jolly jumper.
He spins around, he bends his head forward and back, he bounces, and he is LOVING it.

Thank you for your continual prayers for Pierre. Pray that his legs would continue to strengthen as he jolly jumps, and that the Lord would bless his little life more and more each day, just as he blesses ours!

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