Friday, May 13, 2011

Target practice!

BB gunning has been the latest fad for my students these days. Every recess they race to their houses to strap on armour and weaponry, returning to school half an hour later with rosy cheeks and sweaty t-shirts. The other day I couldn't resist snapping a picture of them outfitted in their battle gear. They go all out.

This morning the vanderMarks were at the beach with some friends, so I got a taste of next year with my 3 boys - Zach, Noah and Caleb. I've realized quite quickly that my default mode of working with primaries (teaching letters and numbers and how to tie your shoes), isn't going to fly like it has in previous years. I'm targeting a very different kind of audience, which will have it's share of challenges and stretch me often farther than I think I'm capable. But if it's anything like today, it will also be full of fun and lots more learning on my part - like how to fill a water balloon without it exploding, which constellations you can see most clearly from the balcony and the names and types of reptiles, rodents and insects around our mission. This is only the beginning!
After devotions this morning, I let the boys take the reins and it wasn't long until we were drawing targets (mine a picture of a giant rat), and the boys were showing me the ropes on how to aim and fire with their air-soft guns.

Later, Noah and I faced off against Caleb and Zach on the playground. I felt like Jack Bauer dashing to and fro avoiding bullets and hiding out under the slide. It wasn't long before my 5 lives clocked out - I have the welts to prove it. But I can see now why they play it everyday.

A BB gun would probably be one of the most unlikely things that I would put on a shopping list for when I'm back in Canada, and yet after today, it's right up there with intensive hair conditioner and gel pens.
Looking forward to all that next year has in store... for me and for them!

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