Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Beachin' it 3cords style!

3 Cords is a major buzz word around Mission of Hope. When teams arrive, it doesn't take long for them to find the table and start claiming the handmade accessories that our 8 wonderful Haitian ladies make each day. The Lord has blessed this ministry abundantly. Over the past year, it had grown exponentially in employees, production, quality, new trends and of course, followers. This summer, a new building will be going up to accommodate more employees and fill the large orders that are coming in from teams that visit, as well as other churches and organizations that are jumping on board.
But more than just the budgeting and long term goals, 3 Cords is making an amazing difference in the lives of the women who are a part of it. In Haiti, finding a good job can be very difficult, and what makes it even more difficult is having a disability. Without 3 Cords, these ladies would likely never work outside of their homes. With a stable income, they can support themselves, and as we have found through various visits to their homes, support their families and extended families.
Not only that, but these ladies have had a chance to form relationships with one another, and build wonderful friendships through a mutual understanding of some of the trauma and pain they have experienced in the past. What a blessing it has been for me as well, to get to know these ladies and see the beauty that shines out from their lives. Below is a picture of me with Sencia, who just began her work with 3 Cords a few months ago. Like each one of these women, she has a miraculous testimony.

This past Monday, along with Diana Cherry, Brianna and Abby, we celebrated God's goodness and fellowship with one another at the beach! It was a super fun day and full of laughs as the ladies eagerly splashed about in the ocean, and laid back by the poolside. Iverie (one of the 3 Cords ladies' baby girl) also joined us for the fun, and we made sure she was outfitted in 3 Cord's style too!

The beach day was also a chance to celebrate Diana Cherry (pictured with Janiz below).

Diana's passion for amputees is what first began the 3 Cords ministry last summer, and we are so grateful for all her hard work and leadership of this program. She's been more than just a director or boss, she's been a mentor and friend to each of the ladies, empowering and inspiring them to live their lives to the full as Jesus intended. Her and her husband Jay have been a part of our staff since the spring of 2010, and they have been a huge blessing to us and the Haitian counterparts they work alongside. We support them as they return back to the States this week to pursue further training and education in their gifted areas, but we will miss them ANPIL (which translates to A LOT)!!!
As more transitions continue in the weeks ahead, please continue to pray for 3 Cords. With the craft lab expansion, there will be more ladies hired and exciting changes in the wings, including Brianna, who has just recently come on staff with Mission of Hope, who will be taking over Diana's position. Pray that the ladies will continue to thrive together in their work environment and that the theme verse from Ecclesiastes 4:12 would be fulfilled. I look forward to my involvement in 3 Cords in the year ahead and for the friendships new and old that will be fostered as we look ahead to all that is in store. To God be the glory!


Kara-Lynn said...

D! I always enjoy your blogs. Your writing is so clearly your voice! I can hear you and your heart in your words. WRite on Lady!
oh, and OHMYGOSH... liking your new blog decor :)

Kara-Lynn said...

I always love your writing. this post is no exception. your voice is so clear and lovely. keep it up lady!
oh, and OHMYGAWSH! loving your new blog decor! xokl:)