Thursday, January 17, 2013

He holds it all.

I've begun this post many times only to hold down the backspace key and start over. This week has been such a smattering of colours and conversations that it's hard to know where to begin.

~ Ashley is due today. TODAY. Every time my What'sApp ringer goes off on my phone, my heart skips a beat... I can't wait to be an auntie and welcome this little babe into the world, no matter the distance! 
~ This past Saturday afternoon I sat with Pierre and watched the late afternoon sky turn to dusk. 3 years since the earthquake, evidence of brokenness still exists, but through the cracks, there is so much light. I am in awe of the way that the Lord redeems.
~ I adopted a new student (sort of)... The Beaurivage family has moved down to Haiti long-term and Joslyn is taking secondary correspondence courses, so she has joined in on our afternoon study period in the classroom. It's so nice to have another girl around!
~ Yesterday morning I smelled something awfully familiar. A terrible stench that could only mean one thing: You have a dead rat in your house. Worst. So I enlisted Noah and Caleb to my search party, and after emptying my storage closet, we found it. I am still cringing as I type, but fortunately I have students who willingly assist me in times of crisis.
~ Sarah and Creighton booked their wedding date! I'm so excited to celebrate with them this spring!
~ I read this really good article last night. ( It's about life questions and choices and the freedom we have in the Lord. It was just what I needed.
~ Grant Rumford just called me. He and Sandy are on the island for the next few days with a dental team. I can't wait to see them and hear all about 'my kids'!
~ We've been studying creation in devotions. Did you know that there are over 10,000 species of birds and over 40,000 species of fish? I typed 'bird' into google images and we could have scrolled through pictures of different vibrantly feathered friends for days. I find it so incredible that the Lord didn't just create one type of bird or mammal or fish, but THOUSANDS. If that doesn't show His creative side, I don't know what does. Don't even get me started on sunsets and fingerprints.

And maybe that's where I'll stop. Despite the randomness of this blog and these moments, I rejoice because I am held in by a Maker who is not just before all things beautiful, but holds them all together (Colossians 1:16). As the weekend draws near, may I rest in that.

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