Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dirty dishes.

A few weeks ago I found a photo on pinterest of a sign above a kitchen sink. It read:

Thank heaven for dirty dishes, 
They have a tale to tell,
While others folks go hungry, 
We're eating very well.
With love and health and happiness,
We shouldn't want to fuss,
By this stack of evidence,
God's very good to us.

This morning at school, in keeping with our theme of the days of creation (today being the 7th day when God rested) we all wore our pyjamas to school. This was a first for the Benard boys, and by the way they dashed into school grinning this morning, I have a feeling that it won't be their last!

After recess, I rang the bell from my apartment balcony and treated all 5 of them to pancakes to go along with the cozy wake-up theme. We dined, we laughed, we used over a half bottle of syrup, and all left with full bellies. When I entered my apartment for lunch, I took an assessment of the damage. Syrup smudges, crumbs under chairs, a counter full of pancake ingredients, and towards the sink lay a mountain of dishes.

Immediately, my mind zigzagged back to the pinterest poem and I let out a big breath of satisfaction. Within 10 minutes, my kitchen was scoured and swept of all the sticky fingers, and I stood at the sink, thanking the Lord for spilled syrup and little boys that don't take time to cut small pieces and the goodness of comfort food.

I'm so thankful for the sticky juice pitcher that I filled with fresh passion fruit last night for Chelsea and I to sip on and unwind from our days. Thankful for the ice tray that I empty daily. Thankful for the conglomeration of bent forks, spoons and knives that I've inherited over the years. Thankful for a stack of plates and bowls with chips and scratches.
Yes, these dishes may keep me occupied, but I'd much rather clean them daily than have them collect dust in a neat stack. Baking and hosting has become one of my favourite things, and I am so blessed to have co-workers who are neighbours who are such wonderful friends... Beautiful people who I get to do life with, who challenge me, and who bring such joy into my life.

So here's to more dirty dishes, more spilled cups and more sticky fingers.
I just texted my mom to ask her to get me some more dish soap to send with the Canadian team coming in a week... I'm looking forward to using it up. :)

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