Friday, November 9, 2012


Last January I wrote this blog inspired by Ann Voskamp. She called it 'eucharisteo' - an outlook that probed me to turn gratitude into a moment-by-moment practice. Chapter by chapter, everyday things like soap suds and footprints and sun rays became glorious pictures of our Creator's artistry. Heartbreaking tragedies were woven and spun into newfound hope and promise.

And again today I read her God-inspired words, except this time they are about something surprisingly familiar. The story of 3cords. A God-ordained vision that was sparked in the heart of my dear friend, Diana Cherry. A beautiful, growing journey bringing hope to disabled and marginalized women that I've been so blessed to witness since the earthquake. It's the story that began with utter brokenness and now by the grace of God has become a reason to rejoice. These are the faces of my beloved friends - some of the most tangible testimonies of hope I've ever known. Who, in a purple building down the mission hill, gather everyday and sew beautiful things.

I marvel today about the theme of Ann's post. A story of strings and connectedness in the body of Christ. And from my velvet couch on a small island, reading her words, I feel ever more attached to a greater body. From farmer's wives, to Haitian seamstresses, to one-room schoolhouse teachers, we are supernaturally intertwined.

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