Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fullness of joy.

I've sat at this computer for a while now, searching for words that do justice to the fullness of my heart. Each blink of the eye has outdone the one before.

Fresh tears. Treasured friends sharing the long stroll down the hill and back up again. A tile floor full of freshly painted toes. Catchy beats on the beach. Family experiencing my 'world' for the first time. Coffee cake breakfast. And laughter - so much laughter.

This velvet couch has never held so much love, and it makes me wonder what I did to deserve it. As 1 John 3:1 reads, I can truly testify God's love being LAVISHED upon my heart day after day.

In the quiet whispers of these moments, I feel like once again He is drawing me deeper into His love story. I can do nothing but testify His promises, because it's all I've been living. The doubts of His provisions and fears of loneliness have been dispelled by His resounding presence, from the birds awakening me with their songs in the early morning, to the nighttime pillow whispers of ones I cherish the most.

And even in the letting go and the suitcases rolling back out of my apartment, I am left with nothing but gratitude. All that I can say is thank you for Your love that keeps on lavishing. And may I keep on thanking whether in need or in plenty, because in Your presence there is fullness of joy.

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jen shirton said...

Oh Diana!!! I can just hear the joy in your heart through your words!!
I love to read entries such as this - where WEALTH & RICHNESS in life have no monetary value attached!! God's currency is LOVE in His perfect economy!!


Isaiah 52:7
The Message (MSG)
7-10How beautiful on the mountains
are the feet of the messenger bringing good news,
Breaking the news that all's well,
proclaiming good times, announcing salvation,
telling Zion, "Your God reigns!"
Voices! Listen! Your scouts are shouting, thunderclap shouts,
shouting in joyful unison.
They see with their own eyes
God coming back to Zion.
Break into song! Boom it out, ruins of Jerusalem:
"God has comforted his people!
He's redeemed Jerusalem!"
God has rolled up his sleeves.
All the nations can see his holy, muscled arm.
Everyone, from one end of the earth to the other,
sees him at work, doing his salvation work.