Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And then there were 7...

In between fresh brewed coffee, paper airplanes, a mouse hole in the window screen, hot showers and dusty feet, this week has included some fun highlights in the school realm.

First off, I have a new grade 7 student!
Zach Malmstrom has joined our class as his family has moved to Haiti for the next year to serve at the Clinic of Hope. Rick (his dad) is a paramedic and will be taking over Grant's position, and Liz (his mom) is a nurse so she will be assisting with teams and other needs in the clinic. Zach's older brother Jake is also here doing his schooling through correspondence and assisting around the mission. We are excited as a staff to have their family join us here! Please follow them on their blog and keep them in your prayers as they transition into this new life with us.

Our week also kicked off with a sweet valentines day party with Bailey and the Johnson kids. For those of you who don't recognize those names, I'll do a brief summary. Brad and Vanessa Johnson who are the directors of the mission returned to Haiti in December for the remainder of their children's school year. They have 4 great kids - from youngest to oldest, JD and Georgie (both adopted from Haiti), and Beau and Jaima (their biological children). Bailey is their teacher and also a great friend of mine. It has been wonderful having them here this term!
So to commemorate their new classroom and Haitian school term, the kids and I headed up to their stomping ground and celebrated the day of LOVE with music, cookies, games and crafts! Here's a few snapshots of the day!

One of the games that was full of laughs... Pin the heart on the boyfriend - Ana's turn :)

Caleb pinning the heart on the girlfriend!

The girls making valentine crafts

Be our valentine?

Last but not least, (ps - this news is far more deserving of a post to itself, but I can't put this off any longer) I have great news that my year support has been fulfilled! Thank you to everyone who has partnered with me thus far and for your sacrifices in helping me serve here in Haiti! Once again I marvel at the generosity and blessings I have received from you all. It is truly a gift to my heart! Thank you for being my 'home team'.

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Renee said...

Sounds like fun. More kids to play and learn with. SOOOOOO glad your financial support has been fully met, that is great news! Praying for you Diana.