Friday, September 24, 2010

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails.

What are little boys made of? Well, I'm learning.

On Monday we taste tested sardines and oysters, where Noah and Caleb practically licked the metal trays clean.
On Tuesday they non-chalantly disposed of the tarantula in our classroom. Twice. Upon Caleb's discovery, Noah simply chugged his cup of water and used it as a trap. Considering the production it took Leeann, Teagan and I last spring, I was in utter shock and relief. They are the ones I will be calling the next time I need a disposal squad for the unwelcome critters I have in my apartment.
After Wednesday's recess break, I rang the bell around the corner of our schoolhouse towards the field where the boys were hiking with tree root walking sticks. In the rain.
Yesterday they made one-wheel racing contraptions from a pencil wrapped up in a spool.
A few times a week, they knock on my door with oversized beetles or snakes in tow... Their suggestions for new science projects.
The poetry that we've written so far as a part of our writing unit revolves around the outdoors. Sharks, mice, frogs, climbing trees, and torrential downpours to name a few.
It never fails, at least once throughout the morning their eyes grow wide as large winged insects fly around the walls of our classroom or a lizard scampers between their desks. Through their gaze I can see that it's all they can do to stay in their seats and not attempt to capture it.

If this is how the first week is going to go, it's sure to be an eventful year!


Shawna said...

Hi Diana! I'm sorry I haven't commented lately - things have been busy with getting back to routine. Your post made me smile - you perfectly described most little boys! Enjoy all the perks and surprises that comes with spending time with little boys - they are something wonderful.

I heard about the storm last night and the destruction caused. I hope everyone there is doing alright. Prayers heading to Haiti this morning.

Anonymous said...

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Renee said...

so fun! Love hearing your stories