Friday, January 29, 2010

Hello helicopters!

I had full intentions of buckling down on my report cards this afternoon. Over the past month I've added a mark or two here or there, but it doesn't really account for much when there are 8 reports to write, each with over 10 subjects to comment on. So today was the day. I had the afternoon clear to sit at my kitchen table and go, go, go.


These were my plans before 1pm.
Shortly after lunch, I said hello to the helicopters. Flying in from every which way, they demanded a show from all of us at the guesthouse. They were literally doing circles around our front yard. I have never seen an aircraft so close in the air. I thought the steps to their landing bars were going to get hooked on our electrical wires. At one point I was convinced there would be a helicopter landing on the guesthouse roof. We could see the pilots in the cockpit and the kids were waving to them. The pulsating sound of the overhead blades was deafening, and much to my horror, rattling my cupboards (not the best scenario after an earthquake, but fear not everything is fine). Within 2 hours there had been 3 landings and take offs - All shipments of supplies and food to the Mission of Hope.
Throughout their comings and goings I returned to my computer and tried to re-orient myself with the reading progress of my primaries, or math unit test marks.
Pretty pointless. I blame it on my kids jumping around on the balcony and shouting 'Here comes another one!!!', but they are forgiven. How many days to I get to see a show like this!?

The good news: Help is arriving. Since the original quake, the Mission of Hope has become known around Haiti and by many worldwide distribution organizations and hospitals. Our medical staff are working around the clock with specialized surgical groups on site to be as effective as we can in bringing relief and hope to people all over the island. This is why we are some of the lucky ones to receive direct resources from choppers. I still have to pinch myself that I'm not dreaming.

The bad news: My report cards take a back seat once again. When and how I will ever get these painstaking progress reports done is still unknown. But despite the due date that lingers ahead, I have to take it one day at a time - trusting that the Lord will give me focus in the spits and sputters of stillness that await me.

Gotta go. Here comes another one!


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Anonymous said...


This is Mary Jane (Shoalts) Robinson.
I read your blog everyday. God bless you as you carry on bravely(with God's help)

I remember when you assisted last summer after we purchased our car from him. We like the car very much!

Such a tragedy Haiti has had!

Only the Lord all the why's and questions behind it all. He is still in control!

Anonymous said...

Joan and I can relate to the report cards but different circumstances. You have a wonderful way of writing-you would be an excellent journalist. We pray for you all daily

Shawna said...

Hi Diana! I had to write to tell you I had the pleasure of sitting with your grandma (Mary) in Sunday School this morning. We talked about you and how courageous you are. That you follow God's plan for your life even in the face of such adversity. You are an incredible young woman and you are missed at home, but prayed for so often. We are all so proud of you. Your blogs are so honest and funny and heartwarming. Keep smiling and don't worry - the report cards will get done...eventually! :)

Anonymous said...

diana, you are an amazing servant of God!! you are a beautiful person both inside and out. i keep reading your blogs over and over as the reality of what you are experiencing sinks in. i so appreciate your ability to bear your heart in words and the role model you are even to those of us a bit older than you( OK a lot older than you!ha). you are in a time where schedules and routines have to take a backseat, and your MOH family the front. Don't be too hard on yourself, reportcards are just paper! with love and prayers, sharon skea and family