Saturday, December 19, 2009


This morning I woke at 4:30am - No alarm required.
Just the knowledge that today I'd be hopping on a plane with Rachel and flying home to Canada for Christmas! Over the past week my mind has been replaying memories from last year, and anticipating all that the next 2 weeks will bring.
My hockey duffel bag is packed. My only pair of close-toed shoes are by the door. My camera is charged. My trinkets are packaged. I am READY.

So after my 2 hour sprawl and stare at the ceiling, I figured I could get up and officially start the day. I bounced out of bed and made my way out the door to see Rachel waiting for me. Rachel was not happy.
Apparently JFK airport has some winter warnings happening, and as a result our flight was delayed. Not this evening, not tomorrow, Monday.
My heart hit the floor.
That's 2 valuable days of Canadian lovin' I lose, plus the wait continues for 48 more hours.
In a frenzy, I got a hold of my parents, and my mom spent the next 2 hours on hold with Delta seeing if there was any possible way we could take another route.
Unfortunately, Monday is the best and only option.
So I sulked.
Then I cried.
Then I heard the voices of the Hope House kids, who spent last night sleeping at the guesthouse as a part of their annual Christmas party. They were eating breakfast and were getting ready to open their gifts downstairs. So I dried my tears, threw my hair into a knot, and headed down to see them.
When I opened the door to the kitchen a dozen beaming faces greeted me.

Diana: Good morning!
Kids: Diana! Are you and Rachel leaving Monday?
Diana: Yes, the plane can't go today.
Kids: So you are staying today? You don't go till Monday?
Diana: Yes, we won't go until Monday.

With the news confirmed, the cheers began. The kids were clapping and laughing and shouting. I stood for a moment still wading in my disappointment, and then I started to chuckle at myself. The kids were SO excited. It was as if they didn't even need any presents. The satisfaction that they didn't have to say goodbye to Rachel and I was such a celebration.
Here I was dwelling on bad news that was really GOOD news to 58 kids.

So maybe I don't need to cry anymore.
Maybe this is right where I need to be right now.
Maybe I need to make the most of my time here in Haiti and be thankful I'm not stranded at the JFK airport.
And hopefully, Canada will be where I need to be on Monday.


Melissa said...

diana that just warmed my heart! funny how our sorrows can often be another's joy! praying that you will enjoy your last "extra" few days in haiti and have a safe return home to spend Christmas with friends and family here in Canada.

Opa said...

How try what Melisa is saying, we hear at home are all with you waiting for you to came home Monday, till than.