Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Our one-room schoolhouse

Just look at that progress... It's beautiful isn't it? Almost makes me want to cry.
What started out as 4 square foundation blocks, has now become a place where 9 kids and I can call our own. Indeed, we have a CLASSROOM!
If you would have told me 5 weeks ago that we'd be having school at the guesthouse until now, I probably would have lost it. Thank the Lord for the unknowns. I know how often I wish I could see the outcome, and yet in this case, it definitely worked to my advantage. The kids and I were totally blind to the reality of Haitian construction, and it was for the best. From the beginning of September, we have been anticipating having a school by the end of the week, which would turn into the beginning of next week, which would bring us to the week after... You get the picture. Somehow the weeks have blended into a month and we've still been faithful in lugging our textbooks to the open lunch tables outside the guesthouse kitchen, blocking our brains from the water-gallon unloading procedure on the porch, and hanging onto our lined pages for dear life as the wind whips through.
Well, the day has finally arrived and it's a beautiful thing. Surely, we've done our time and now it's paid off! And I must say - our four yellow classroom walls will NEVER be taken for granted. I've dreamed about it and now the time has come. To have all of the books piled in their corresponding grades, the manipulatives organized and accessible to all, silence during prayer time, overhead fans and lights, desks... and 2 CHALKBOARDS! Somebody pinch me.
Thank you all for faithfully praying along with the kids and I during this time of waiting. I have been amazed at how each one of the kids has latched onto this very 'Haitian' style of learning and made the best of it. I think I may have one of the most resilient bunches on this side of the planet! But most of all, may all of the glory go to the Lord for knowing our needs and providing abundantly more than we ask for.
Sidenote - Within the weeks of construction, I also managed to get a screen on my front door... Gotta love the bonuses. :)

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Chris said...

That's great news, Diana!