Friday, February 13, 2009


It's been another blur of a week! 
On Monday I passed out my mid-term reports to the kids, and they are all progressing very well. Since it was my first official mid-term reporting, I was very anxious for feedback and fortunately was able to sit down with Laurens and Cheryl last night and we went over everything. Because they carry such large responsibilities, it's often hard to find time to discuss school 'business' so I was grateful for their feedback and above all for the way that the Lord is helping me and the children have a successful year.
I also appreciate all of your prayers and encouraging e-mails that I have received these past few weeks. Sometimes I wonder what I'm doing here. I feel so out of my league managing 3 grades and ensuring that they are meeting all of the curriculum guidelines. And on top of that, it's often a struggle just to be away from family, and the people that I can lean on when I get discouraged.
But every time I start doubting or feeling overwhelmed with my insufficiencies the Lord brings along a smile from one of the Haitian workers, or a breathtaking sunset or a child to hold my hand and I remember why I'm here. Not by my own strength, but by the Lord working in and through me.
That being said, this past week has been filled with many moments of joy and praise to the Lord for bringing me to this place. On Tuesday I got together with Rachel and Amy and 2 other ladies visiting the mission for our weekly movie night. Amy, Rachel and I call it our 'date night'. Just since the Canadian team left, Rachel and I decided we need to start a weekly dinner/movie night where we are deliberate about getting together and just having a chance to hangout and relax. So this weekly trend has really been a highlight for me, and it's reminded me again how thankful I am for the girls here in my same 'life stage' that I can build friendships with. The Lord knew I needed them!
Last night was also a special occasion as we celebrated Valentines Day with the Hope House kids. One of the visitors to the mission donated money for there to be a special dinner, the kids created beautiful decorations for the dining hall, and Rachel made chocolate cake! And an added bonus was having the New Jerusalem kids (about 15 children who are currently living in an orphanage in Titanyen, but are supported through the mission and will soon be living in the new 'Hope Village' when it is finished being built), were able to join as well. It was a really fun evening! We had playtime and pictures and then the biggest feast I've seen since I've been here. The kids were loving it and so was I!
So that brings me today, where Cortney was supposed to arrive later this afternoon. Much to our disappointment, she is spending tonight in Miami due to a problem with her flight out of Chicago. Fortunately she is safe and you can pray for her if you read my post in time that she will rest easy tonight even though she is alone and has had a very crazy day. Her flight has been rescheduled to arrive in Port-au-Prince tomorrow around lunchtime, so I am hoping to meet her at the airport and then we can begin our week together!
Thanks again for all of your prayers and encouragement as I journey along this winding road!


Opa said...

Well I cant bileave this for onec Ime going to beat Renee,I hope you will forgive me Renee. Aneway Hi Diana Blessings to you for now mor later later By-by OPA

Opa said...

One more thing in my excitement of being first I mist using the spell check sorry about that OPA

Laura said...

I thought of you this week when I used Port-au-Prince in a weather report with my grade 4 french kids. We're learning weather reports and I wanted a couple French speaking countries, and Haiti seemed as good as any :P
Needless to say as all their field trips were cancelled due to weather this week, my kids were pretty jealous.
Always thinking of you Diana. Glad to hear you're still leaning.

Renee Kievit said...

That was such an encouraging blog Diana. I am so glad that you are feeling the arms of Jesus around you especially this week. Be confident with your teaching skills and have fun with it.

I was quite disappointed to realize that Opa beat me but it will not happen again :)!!! We'll see. Actually I wanted to let him win once so he doesn't feel bad!!!