Thursday, September 4, 2008


As the date of my departure is fast approaching, I've had a lot of friends ask me if I'm ready to go. But it's not an easy answer. I feel like people need to specify which area of readiness they are referring to. You see, there are a lot more areas of readiness than I thought. 
So here's my answer... And it's the long version!

As far as packing goes, I am feeling good... I have two oversized hockey bags compacted full, and I'm going into town with my mom today in order to get the remainder of items left on my list. I feel way less stressed about leaving with all of my materials compartmentalized and put away instead of having stuff strewn all over the place. So in the area of packing, I am set to go!

I'm also feeling more prepared emotionally these days... As I mentioned in my last post, I have really been blessed with a peace and excitement about going to Haiti. Over the past few days, I've also had more contact with Rachel Montgomery in Haiti, which has been so cool. We even tried out the webcams yesterday which was fun! Having her there right now, and knowing that she will be around when I arrive really puts my mind at ease too. I thank the Lord for helping me to remember that I don't have to worry about anything... He is in control!
Last weekend I also attended a Hillsong United conference in Toronto with some friends from youth, and it was such a blessing for me to be there. I got so pumped about the year ahead through the worship time, and now I am just so ready to put these words I've sung into action... It's time!

Which leads me to the last readiness 'department'. Reading through the first two categories, you probably think I am doing really well getting ready to go... My bags are packed, I'm excited... But there is just one thing stopping me: Saying goodbye. I know that this is part of the package of leaving, but over the next few days I know I will undoubtedly have a lot of tears as I see people for the last time. These next few days are going to be ROUGH, and I have moments when I just want to give up. It feels like it's going to be too painful, and I'm scared. But when I think about it, I am reminded just as I wrote at the beginning of the summer, that the Lord has a new thing He wants to do in my life, and He can't do it as long as I'm walking on easy street. He is going to break me and change me and stretch me and put me back together again as a new creation. I've been waiting for this, and I know it's time. 

But with this in mind, I ask that you will keep me in your prayers at this time. Please pray that I will be able to let go and that even through the pain I would be reminded of the Lord's constant presence and faithfulness. Thank you for joining with me on this journey... It's almost officially begun! And I'm going to leave you with an exciting thought: My next post will probably come to you from Haiti! :)


Becky said...

I'm looking forward to reading all of your I'll check often. I'm anxious to 'see' Haiti through your eyes.
Blessing, Becky

Ashley said...


Hey! This is Ashley. My family and I all just wanted to say hi! We will be checking often to see how things are going for you. We are praying for you everyday!
God Bless.

Love, Ashley and Family ;)

Charlie said...

Looking forward to reading your blog and praying for you.

Pastor Charlie

Robyn said...

Hey Diana! I got such goosebumps reading your blog, as I see through your writing how God is already shaping you and preparing you for the journey He has planned for you. He has amazing plans for you, and I admire you more than words can say for how you are abandoning all that you know to follow after Him in obedience, that's truly what living for Him is all about...You are a shining example of Christ And I pray that you will be blessed more than you could ever imagine through this experience!
Love you LOTS!
Robyn xoxo