Saturday, February 9, 2013

Wash day.

It feels like forever that I've sat at this empty text box. Between rat raids and mid-term report cards, amongst the visiting Cancrete team and other past staffers, my days have been brimming with activity. With February's theme of LOVE in the classroom, I've been bringing it on with post-it hearts full force - each one marked with an action of love we have either been shown or will show that week - and it's been so fun to see our classroom evolve into a pink paradise. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we're looking forward to more festivities surrounding our month verse from Mark 12:30-31.

This month, I also get to visit Abby-girl in Canada which is highly anticipated to say the least, but in the meantime I'm doing my best to make the most of these days...
Earlier this afternoon, I visited the mountain families with Robenson. In my most recent visits, the girls have been doing 'concerts' for me, where they all line up and sing worship songs from church. Sometimes they even add a little dance to their songs, which always gains an extra squeal when they watch themselves on video with my camera.
As we approached the homes this afternoon, Shaylyn came dashing out to meet us with many of her younger sisters and brothers not far behind. When she took my hand, I noticed it was cool and wet and when I asked her about it, she replied that she had been washing clothes. Soon after making my rounds of greetings and kisses I was invited by her, Dida and Marie Rose to help out with the laundry, which I couldn't pass up. I plopped down to the edge of the giant 'kivet' (basin) and watched as the girls modelled the proper hand scrubbing technique. I took hold of one of the baby shirts and tried to mimic their action, which brought forth a chorus of giggles. Beside me, Marie Rose assisted in adding more soap and water onto the fabric and encouraged me to keep scrubbing. It wasn't long before the rest of the family was hovered over watching us, and just like that I had become the day's entertainment. As the laughing continued, Dida (the youngest) managed to compose herself and in her most authoritative voice she shouted out 'Pa ri ti moun!', which translates to 'Stop laughing, children!', which of course made us laugh all the more.

Just another wash day in this beautiful place... More soap please!

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