Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Most of you know that music is kind of my thing. I am thankful for great bands and melodies that give a soundtrack to my days. I'm not much of a musician, but a few years ago I added a guitar to my most loved possessions and make do with a few favoured chords that I have picked up along the way.
Little did I know that this beginner acoustic would years later come to Haiti and fall into the hands of some amazingly talented and aspiring musicians. Granted, it looks a lot different than it did when I cradled it as my own in the beginning... It's got battle scars - chipped varnish, sweat smears and dusty residue, but it's never made a more beautiful sound. The acoustic blend with lyrical harmonies brings perspective in uncertainty and a comfort to the soul.

This week I've been reminded in a symbolic kind of way that I'm very similar those rusty strings on my guitar. I am flawed and temporary and without the great Musician I am absolutely useless. Just as my guitar is completely reliant on music-savvy people to fulfill it's purpose, so I am 100% dependent on the Lord to breathe His song into my life. How incomplete I am apart from the Musician who plays me. How reliant I am on His life-giving power.
So many times I think I know how the song goes, and I try to get it out on my own, but how can I possibly get by? It's simple, I can't. Just as the clay depends on the Potter, so the instrument can't decide or resound the notes on it's own.

It's my hope and prayer that the Lord would create His song out of my hollow being. That I would be completely dependent on Him to make a beautiful sound out of my life. Like that faithful acoustic, may we resonate and glorify Him through our days.

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