Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oh baby.

Monday was a rough day. Our buddy Pierre was rushed to the clinic unable to breathe, and it was a scary few hours from the accounts of those in the emergency room. The poor little guy's immune deficiency and lack of muscle makes him susceptible to a lot of respiratory infections and without the nurses, doctors and resources that were available just down the hill, we would have lost him.
This hasn't been the first scare with Pierre. Please continue to keep him in your prayers in the months to come that he would get the proper paperwork and acceptance back in the States to receive more special treatment that can't be done here in Haiti. In the meantime, praise the Lord for the committed staff at the Clinic of Hope!
A few times a week, the kids and I have prayed for Pierre and his condition, so before school ended this afternoon, we took a walk down to the baby house to see him and his buddies, Hannah and Jeremiah, Matthew and Angelie.

These babies are one of the most charismatic bunches I have ever interacted with. I think it's physically impossible to step on the porch without breaking a smile. While the Haitian radio plays, they waddle around and look at you with the most endearing puppy eyes. Random screams and squeals echo in the pink cement house they call home, and they never cease to put on the pounds. It's hard to believe these same vivacious babies were the ones who were hours from death, or abandoned on a wooden bench. In the world's eyes, their time was up, and yet the Lord didn't let them go because He had a better plan. They may not know it yet, but they are testifying a beautiful story of redemption and hope. Their lives were never an accident no matter what family situation were born into, and even now the purpose of their presence is evident to all of us who are blessed to know them... From the way they baby talk our names, to their sleepy heads on our shoulder.
It's a comfort and a wonder to know that their heavenly Father loves them more than any of us here claim to. May He have His way in their lives one precious new day at a time.

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