Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Better than a beach day.

I never pass up a beach day. The white sand and clear blue water is pretty much impossible for me to resist. Okay, for anyone to resist.

Over the past 2 years, the kids and I have celebrated our last party of the year on the coast... What better way to celebrate falling snow and Christmas joy than in the sun? It's a tradition that I've been dedicated to maintain, but this year the odds have been against us. The chaotic government system during our current election has created blocked roadways and a lack of staff. This caused the parents and I to re-think our beach field trip and postpone until January.
So that left me with one last school day to fill... Opening stockings, a frozen t-shirt relay and cheesecake leftovers from last night's party were all on the agenda, but we were still lacking 'something'.
Yesterday on the way up the hill, God gave me an idea.
Because I had already reserved a vehicle, we had freedom to go somewhere off campus, just not far... Not far, but drive worthy. I know only one place that fits the description: Our mountain neighbours. And beyond that, what better way to celebrate Jesus' birthday than to give?
So this morning the kids and I jumped into the white van and headed out to spread some Christmas cheer!
First stop was the house in Sourcematelas where the kids go to school. We arrived just after they finished their exams and invited them to join us in the van on the journey to their home.
Upon our arrival, we walked to the clearing of their homes and the kids gave presents they had picked out from their own belongings. We did a tour of the families' dwelling places and then we started the tent construction. Fortunately Teagan is very skilled in tent assembly and the rest of the kids jumped right in. The mountain family kids and I stood back and they went to work.
Now let me just say that they may not be my 'biological' kids, but they might as well have been. Sheer pride!
It was a wish come true for me to see all of my 'kids' together. I also think it's safe to say that it may not have been penciled in on the kids' Christmas lists, but I believe a wish came true for them too. Sweat instead of saltwater, dirt instead of sand, but a whole lot of smiles just the same. For the record, giving is win-win.

And that is why today was better than a beach day.

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