Wednesday, October 20, 2010

That toothy grin.

Remember the slumber party I wrote about a couple weeks ago?
Baby Pierre wasn't exactly the 3rd roommate that I expected, but what did it matter? His shining eyes and toothy grin were more than enough to have Sarah and I hanging onto his every whim. Bottles filled with you name it, oversized sleepers strewn over furniture, and leftovers of mashed banana and pineapple were all evidence of our new favourite buddy.

It's been a while since I've updated you on the little guy so here you go...
As you know, he's been transferred a little bit more of a distance than our living room. He now resides in a playpen at the Hope House and taking after the other babies on campus, he's gradually putting on the pounds.

He was initially labelled with muscular dystrophy, but due to the lack of proper testing here in Haiti, it was not a definite call. Doctors have been monitoring his progression and behaviours over past weeks trying to reach a more definite diagnosis, and recently with his increased strength and motor movement they have disproved the first theory. Their recent conclusions lead more toward some neurological delays (hard to know how severe), and a possibility of cerebral palsy. There are still a lot of gray areas, but piece by piece we are finding where his deepest needs are and where to go from here. The importance is that he is breaking through limits and becoming more energetic every day.

A physical therapist met with Rachel and I a while back and gave us some good exercises to practice with him to encourage the range of motion in his legs and arms. He was very positive about the way Pierre was able to control his neck muscles, and said that with increased practice there is a good chance he could sit up on his own, and even develop his legs enough to hold himself up.
You may recall the post I wrote about baby Angelie when she arrived at the Hope House under a similar abandonment circumstance. Her jelly-like legs were written off by many, but just months later she is pulling herself up all on her own and taking baby steps while holding hands with a mommy. It's so exciting to watch the growth after such a hopeless beginning. Indeed, these babies have more resiliency than we accredit them for.

Like all the others before him, Pierre has got a chance. And as we've seen before, it's more than enough. Thank you for praying for Pierre. Pray for health and healing after months of malnutrition and neglect. Pray that the right doctors would see him and make the right diagnoses. Most of all, pray that the Lord would breathe His love and strength into this little life, and that Pierre would be a testimony of hope more and more everyday.

This weekend Sarah and I are anticipating another sleepover. We've received permission to have him up at our house for the night and we're counting down the days. Make way - there's a baby on the block!


Anonymous said...

I want to come to that slumber party! Thanks for the update! He is so darling, and I'm so thankful that you are making a difference in his life!
Susan Parsons

hootenannie said...

Pierre is my favorite. :)

Ashley Carter said...

I love these stories. I love that the compassion the Lord puts in the heart of His children, when acted upon can transform lives. Most people write off babies like Angelie and Pierre but the Lord first changed your heart and the heart of those around you to have compassion and care for others. Because of that these babies now have life! Praise the Lord!

Renee said...

how wonderful is that! Your heart is so willing and full of love for the Haitian people. Blessings to you Diana!

Taylor said...

I love your writing, I love your compassion. It gives me hope to know there are people like you out there so willingly serving the Lord and ah! I just want to be there with you. I can visualize it. You've truly inspired me to do something so brave and exciting. And you are so humble and self-examining. I know the world will change because of you, because you let God make you better and the trough it, the world better. I know it. And I'm going to pray for you every day. And I'm so glad I found your blog because it has made me so thankful and has gotten my mind of myself which we often do when we are struggling, but I know that you know and have seen struggle more than I have. And I can see these people in my mind, how beautiful they must be. It makes me want to cry. And there is such victory ahead for us all, if we keep reaching. Keep reaching because you know who is behind you.
All my love and support,