Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Translation: Almost.

Context: Haiti departure.

We are narrowing down on 2 weeks to go... As I scramble from dentist appointment to coffee date to sidewalk sale to campfire I am continually reminded of the wonderful summer it has been. Despite the flurry of activity, it has been so great to sleep past 8am, curve down some of my favourite winding side roads, and drink in the familiarity of friends and places in this land that I love.
School books lie dormant at the foot of my bed while frying pans, hand-me-downs, embroidery floss and mosquito nets accumulate in an ever-consuming corner in the basement.
My shopping list is gradually dwindling down to last minute necessities - nothing that a few Walmart trips can't fix. A toilet brush, flip flops (mostly for killing cockroaches) and guitar picks are right up there at the top with the long-awaited 4th season of Friday Night Lights... I am pretty confident that a large portion of MOH staff would disown me if I didn't bring that back.

On the flip side, my heart is beating at a quicker pace with the reminder that my 'other' life is awaiting on the horizon. In a month's time our school year will be humming, the bottoms of my feet will be permanently dust covered, mangoes will be a daily food group, and my leg muscles will be back in shape from mountain treks.
The short but sweet communication that's been kept with those still in Haiti gear me up for so much to come in the year ahead. Excitement, fear, joy, heartbreak and anticipation mesh into one of those emotions only the butterflies in your stomach can describe. Time is ticking and this time I actually don't mind. Minus the goodbye... I've never been good at those.

I am determined to make the most of these 'preske' days, and I want thank each one of you for the love and open arms you've shown me in my comings and goings. God bless you all! Looking forward to a year of possibility and change as I press on and embrace all that is to come... especially hope.

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