Friday, June 11, 2010

One week, and then some.

We are 5 days away from school end. Somebody pinch me.
We've plowed through science units and regrouping lessons and letter blends. We've mastered long division and analog clock reading and how to spell conclusion. We've learned how to speak English (woot woot!), how simple machines offer a mechanical advantage, and how to make secondary colours. I could go on, but I think you've got the idea.
I still stand amazed at how we've reached the end of our units by the scheduled June end date. After 3 weeks of non-curricular school time following the earthquake, I was weighing options about having to add on extra hours to our school days, or having Saturday morning sessions (can you imagine how the kids would have reacted to that?), or prolonging the school year by another month or so. There was no way in my mind that we would be able to get it done without some kind of compensation.
But day by day, lesson by lesson, the Lord has enabled each one of us to press through and git 'er dun.
Thank you for all of your prayers for the kids and I over the past couple of months. As I finalize the last of the report cards I can truly say that it is only through God's strength and provision that we made it to the end of the year in time. And what a year it was... I will blog more about this soon!

In other news:

I had a tarantula in my house this week. At first glance, he seemed to be accommodating himself quite nicely under my coffee table, but believe me when I say that he quickly got the boot (thanks Laurens).
Let's just say that I've been tucking my mosquito net in a little tighter lately.

These days I've got a bit more of a spring in my step in the anticipation of my 'cheri' (sweetheart in Creole) of a friend, Sarah, coming to Haiti this coming Wednesday. You may remember me blogging about her and a few other interns that were here last June. Do half-baked cookies ring a bell? Well, she has been a wonderful blessing in my life and the Lord is bringing her back to Haiti! She has committed to returning to the Mission of Hope and serving as a part of our medical staff here. Please keep her in your prayers as she says goodbye to her family and transitions full force into Haiti life. Track with her on her blog here.

Last but not least, if it comes to your mind, please keep me in your prayers on Sunday morning. I am going to be living a dream of mine since I got to Haiti - telling the bible story in Creole!
I have told many a kids church story over the past year and a half, but I am always dependent on a translator - nothing against them - I would certainly sink without their help, but I've always had this urge at the back of my mind to tell the story without someone standing beside me. So this Sunday I'm biting the bullet. I may not be close to speaking fluent Creole, but with some behind-the-scenes assistance from some Haitian friends, and a few rehearsals each day, I'll be flying solo on Sunday. It is my prayer that no matter how broken my speech might be, that the kids will take something home with them. A reminder of the Lord's unfailing love for each one and His desire to transform their lives.
Thank you for your prayers as we wrap up the end of the school year as well... I'll hope to add in some pictures in my next post!

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Renee said...

So how did the story go in Creole. I really want to know. That's pretty impressive!!! I'm sure you did great. See you soon